If you are looking for a cleaner, safer and more eco-friendly alternative to wood fires, then bioethanol fuel fires are a great option. Ethanol fires achieve the same amount of heat as regular wood fires but without the smoke, soot and ash that wood produces. Also, they do not require a chimney allowing you to use them anywhere in your home. So, what are bio ethanol fires and how do they work? What are the benefits of bioethanol, and is it a better option than gas or wood? Let us look at these questions in more detail below.

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What Are Bioethanol Fuel Fires?

Bioethanol fires are notable in that they use ethanol fuel instead of wood for burning. Ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel made from fermenting sugar and starch products like cereal crops. It is a clean, renewable resource that when burned produces no smoke, fumes or toxic chemicals. For this reason bioethanol fires do not need a chimney, flue or vent and you can set them up in any place you need. As such, they are a great low maintenance alternative to traditional wood and gas based fires.

How Do Bioethanol Fuel Fires Work?

Bioethanol fires comprise a few parts: the main body, accessories and decorations, and the burner for holding the fuel. Ethanol fires are easy to use: first, pour the ethanol fuel into the burner. Once added, light the fuel with a long gas lighter or similar tool. Once lit, you can control the size of the flame by opening or closing the burner lid. Some more recent models allow you to automatically control the flame with advanced computer systems. The fire should last 4-5 hours, but you can top it up with fuel to last longer (after 10-15 minutes so the fuel has cooled). To extinguish the fire, just close the lid of the burner.

What Are The Bioethanol Benefits?

  • Ethanol fuel is completely eco-safe. It is made entirely from plant products and does not produce any toxic chemicals.
  • You need no gas or electricity to run it. The fire is run entirely on bio fuel so you will need no mains energy sources, cutting down on costs.
  • Since you do not require any chimneys or flues, it is easy to install bioethanol fires in any location you need them.
  • With no limits on placement or design, these fires can come in any modern style you prefer for your room.
  • They can heat any size of room efficiently, and you can adjust them to create as much heat as you need.

Are Bioethanol Fuel Fires Better Than Wood or Gas?

Bioethanol fuel fires have several advantages over traditional stoves that use wood and gas. For a start, they are much safer to use, both for yourself and for the environment. The fuel produces no toxic emissions: only water, steam and a small amount of carbon dioxide. A bioethanol fire can be set up in any location, making it much more efficient than wood or gas stoves. Finally, no electricity or gas is needed, making it a much more cost effective way to heat your home.

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