Quality Kiln Dried Logs in Suffolk

Our range of kiln-dried firewood is made from 100% British oak, ash and beech hardwood. All kiln dried logs are force dried in kilns to reduce the moisture content to below 20%. This allows the kiln-dried firewood to burn more efficiently and cleanly producing more heat.

Kiln-dried logs come in sizes of 25cm, 35cm and 50cm, and in bags of 0.8m3, 1.2m3 or 1.6m3, or pallets of 30, 50 or 80 bags. Kiln-dried firewood should be stored in a log store or in a garage with sufficient airflow. Avoid storing the kiln-dried firewood in the bulk bags if possible unless covered with a tarpaulin.

Pairing high-quality kiln dried logs and an efficient stove or wood burner means that you will be able to create optimum output using as little wood as possible. Kiln-dried logs give a longer burning time per pack and as such, are definitely worth the investment.

We only use the best sourced British wood and never import. Be aware of the various imported logs on the market as these can bring disease and can spread among ash trees. Buying British logs supports British forestry and prevents such spread of disease.

If you would like to discuss this further, feel free to give us a call, or visit us at our showroom, where we will be able to guide you on the best pack size for you and any other questions you may have.


RFC Wood and Kindling Products

Our range of kiln-dried firewood is made from 100% British oak, ash and beech hardwood.

Other wood products that we are able to supply include:

  • Our kiln dried kindling is made from the same British oak, ash and beech hardwood as our firewood. Kiln dried to remove moisture, our kindling compliments our firewood in creating a better, hotter burn. Each box contains sticks of 15cm length and delivery is free when included with bulk orders of kiln-dried firewood.
  • Flamers Firelighters – These firelighters are made from a combination of natural wood shavings and refined paraffin wax. Only one is needed for lighting a fire, and they are completely natural, odourless and long-burning. The firelighters come in boxes of 24, 50 or 200.

In addition, we offer wood stores and log baskets for keeping wood tidy and secure. Each store is pressure treated with slatted sides for maximum airflow. The store has a weatherproof felt tiled roof and an optional PVC-coated polyester Weathershield screen is available for added protection.

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