Bio Ethanol

If the idea of having a chimney at home does not appeal to you, you can still enjoy the benefits of a stylish, practical addition to your living space with a bio-ethanol fire. Produced from sugar beet and other cereal crops, bio-ethanol is a carbon-neutral form of energy and is ideal for eco-conscious homeowners.

Bio-ethanol fireplaces do not require a chimney as their products of combustion are simply carbon dioxide and water vapour – the same that we breath in and out on a daily basis.

From simply cylindrical containers to advanced computer-controlled systems that give you greater control over flame height and the overall safety of your fires, bio-ethanol fireplaces are a state-of-the-art addition to any family home. Outdoor versions are also available for use on patios and gardens.

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Gas Fires and Stoves

For those with a busier lifestyle, a gas stove may prove to be an ideal alternative to a wood burner. With styles to suit all tastes, our gas fires and stoves are available for most types of property, with or without an existing chimney.

Our full range of gas fires and stoves offer properties across Suffolk and Essex instant heat, with the potential to install a design that mimics a classic wood burner. Often with reduced running costs and minimal maintenance it’s the ideal solution for time-poor homeowners.

Have you been told a gas fire or stove is out of the question for your property? Don’t panic. For homes not connected to a mains gas supply, it is entirely possible for some of our contemporary gas stoves to be converted to operate on LPG instead. At RFC Services, we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve your dream gas fireplace.

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Wood Burners

There’s nothing quite like the sound and look of a wood burning stove. It’s a wonderful centrepiece for any living space and is hugely effective at making living rooms feel more homely and rustic.

With over 20 years of experience in the fireplace industry, we’ve developed trusted relationships with leading manufacturers of traditional and contemporary wood burners that deliver the quality of workmanship that we and our customers demand.

Wood burning stoves are eco-friendly, minimising your property’s carbon footprint. We offer wood burners to suit all installation options, from those installed within an existing fireplace recess, inset into an existing fireplace or freestanding, or even installed with a new twin-wall chimney system. Discover our latest designs from leading brands such as Hunter, Pevex, ACR, Woodwarm, and many more.

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Electric Fireplaces

We offer a huge choice of classic and contemporary electric fireplaces from the leading manufacturers to suit all budgets and installation requirements. From Dimplex, Stovax and Gazco to Evonics, Broseley and Ekofires, these brands have helped electric fires come a long way in recent years with new features and techniques to produce highly effective ‘flames’.

Our electric fires are designed to be inset for standard fireplace openings, wall-mounted or free-standing against a flat wall. Meanwhile our electric stoves are capable of operating free-standing, fitted within a prepared opening or inset into a marble back panel or similar.

Almost all the electric fires and stoves we sell and install can produce up to 2Kw of heat to help regulate living room temperatures. Our state-of-the-art solutions also offer Bluetooth-enabled control systems to monitor room temperatures, suitable for most homes, offices and hotels.

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Kiln Dried Logs

For efficient use of your wood burner, and to reduce environmental impacts, you need to burn the best quality kindling and firewood. Not all wood burns the same so selecting the right logs will save you resource in the long run. Kiln Dried logs are especially sought after for their moisture content of less than 20%, creating an optimum burn for your home fire.

RFC Services supply premium stove and fireplaces across Suffolk and Essex, as well as a range of kindling, firewood and firelighter supplies. In addition to excellent quality kiln dried logs, we have log baskets and wood stores for preserving and keeping your supplies safe and dry.

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Fireplace Accessories

As well as supplying the very best wood burners, gas fires, bio ethanol fires, and electrical fireplaces, we also provide the accessories needed to get the most out of these appliances, along with regular servicing and repairs.

These accessories include fireplace tools and log holders for traditional wood burning fireplaces and stoves, as well a remotes, ceramic decorations, and more for electrical and bioethanol options. Regular servicing is also offered to ensure that things are kept working as they should, and our repair service is always on hand should anything go wrong.

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Servicing & Repairs

Aside from being one of Ipswich’s leading supplier and installer of premium fireplaces, our Gas Safe-registered engineers are also on hand to service and repair any existing fireplaces throughout Suffolk and Essex. Poorly maintained or serviced gas fireplaces can cause unnecessary leaks, fires, explosions and life-threatening carbon monoxide poisoning.

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