The health and safety of our customers is of paramount importance to the team at RFC Services. Whether we’ve supplied and installed a new fire for you in the past or you wish to enlist our one-off maintenance and repair services, our fully-qualified engineers can maintain the performance and safety of your fireplace.

We can perform a full service of your fireplace, which can include the sweeping of its flue and, if appropriate, undertake any necessary repairs. If your fireplace has a flue, we can examine its condition using CCTV. This can be useful either for your own peace of mind, to resolve an issue or to satisfy insurance company requirements.


Owners of solid fuel burners that use them incorrectly can experience unwanted build-up of soot and tar within the flue. This results in a potentially dangerous obstruction of the flue, leading to the increased risk of a chimney fire.

It is therefore recommended that your flue is swept yearly to minimise the build-up of such materials. It is also essential to have your solid fuel appliance professionally serviced by our HETAS engineer to maintain its safe and efficient operation. We normally undertake servicing during the summer months only (April-August).

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