Bio ethanol is a liquid fuel derived from cereal crops. The products of combustion within a bio ethanol fire are simply carbon dioxide and water vapour – the very same that we breathe out daily. It’s important to note that bio ethanol does not generate the large quantities of water vapour associated with older Calor gas heaters.

Aside from its versatility in terms of design and installation, bio ethanol fires are also soot-free, smokeless and require no gas supply. They are therefore as low-maintenance as an electric fireplace or stove.

For when servicing is required, our team of engineers are able to assist with a variety of servicing & repair works.



There are several types of bio ethanol fire available, from simple cylindrical containers through to advanced computer-controlled systems. Many of the ‘simple’ container-style fires feature a ceramic filling to reduce or prevent the spillage of fuel should the fire be up-turned.

We’re delighted to offer a premium range of bio ethanol fires from Planika – experts in revolutionary fire design and technology. The Planika range features a separate fuel container within the fire, allowing ethanol vapour to pass along the pipework and into the burner. The result is a cleaner, safer burn and greater control for the end-user regarding flame height. Planika’s Lincoln bio ethanol fire is particularly impressive and virtually indistinguishable from a gas fire. It can be installed free-standing or using the insert version – the L-Fire – built into a unit or existing fireplace.

In addition to our stunning collection, we stock a range of accessories designed to enhance your fireplace experience. Make sure to see it for yourself now!

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