Once again the onset of Autumn has spurred our potential customers into action by requesting surveys for the installation of woodburners and other heating appliances. Sadly, for new enquiries, there will be a bit of a wait, as we are now taking bookings for January, and struggling to fulfil pre Christmas fittings! Hopefully the cold weather will stay away a bit longer.

With Summer gone and Winter not far away, many homeowners will be thinking about making vital improvements to their homes in the forthcoming months. Here at RFC Services, we are always one step ahead to ensure that your home feels cosy throughout the colder months with heating solutions, such as gas fires. Gas Fires offer many advantages to the modern home.

Homely Feel

Gas fires are often viewed as a focal point in rooms. There’s something about a real flame that makes the place feel that extra bit more like home. A gas fire offers the benefits of a natural flame, without the hassle of having source a suitable log supply.


There are a wide range of different gas fires and stoves. RFC Services can advise you on the most energy efficient and cheap to run solutions. Gas fires generally offer lower running costs than central heating and require minimum maintenance. It also means that you can heat only the room that you use the most, such as the living room, rather than paying to heat the whole house. Most Stoves have the option of being converted to run on LPG, meaning that if you’re not on the mains gas supply then a gas fire can still be an option.


There are many different styles of gas fires available. RFC Services offer a wide range of styles, whether you require something modern and contemporary or something a little more traditional. To find out more about our gas fire solutions, as well as many other options, give us a call on 01473 727583

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