There is nothing better than enjoying the natural environment in the company of a crackling fire. The good news is that there are numerous outdoor fireplaces to select if you are hoping to add a touch of comfort and class to your home. What are some common fireplace options, what advantages does each have to offer, and why are many homeowners now choosing bio ethanol designs? These are all interesting questions to consider if you hope to make an informed decision when choosing the best outdoor fireplace.

Some Common Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

You will first need to take into account where the fireplace will be located. For example, those who wish to create a more centralised atmosphere may benefit from a free-standing container-style design. You could also select an outdoor stove that is embedded within an existing wall (common if a deck or patio is found adjacent to your home).

What Nearby Elements Should be Included?

Comfort is king in terms of your fireplace options. Of course, be sure to take into account the design of the fireplace itself so that it blends with the nearby environment. A number of quality fireplace products can also be included so that nothing is left to chance. Here are some examples:

  • Child-proof safety screens
  • A hearth tidy
  • Various pokers
  • A fireplace bellow

These elements can all be included within the existing design in order to create a stunning ambience.

What Types of Fuel Sources Should be Considered?

There is no doubt that outdoor wood burning fireplaces are known for their traditional appeal. Some of the latest models have been designed to greatly reduce the amount of grey smoke emitted from the fire bowl when compared with traditional fire pits. Come and see them in our showroom,

An excellent alternative involves the use of bio ethanol. Not only is this fuel source extremely efficient, but it is a carbon-neutral means to keep warm while enjoying the outdoors. A bio ethanol fireplace will provide you with a host of design options, so the installation process is straightforward.

Other Benefits of Outdoor Bio Ethanol Hearths

These fireplaces are designed to offer you a safer burn and a greater control over the fire itself. A fire powered by bio ethanol is nearly identical to a traditional gas fire. Free-standing and L-shaped designs are both available, so flexibility is never an issue.

RFC Services is pleased to offer numerous outdoor ‘new wave’ fire pits and bio ethanol fireplaces manufactured by Planika; one of the most respected names in the business. If you would like to learn more about your outdoor fireplace design options or to appreciate the line of products that we supply, please take a moment to contact a customer service specialist at your convenience.

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